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The Book is Finished. Beauty Sinks Into Silence, Along With This World. (Diptych) 60" x 94"

In An Outdoor Theatre The Trees Are Cardboard. The Walls of the Prison, The Mud Floor, The Sky. Oil on Linen 45" x 72"

The Softness of Time, Legendary Truth, Dribble All Over Her. Oil on Linen 35" x 47"

Before and During the Crime Oil on Linen 42" x 72"

In the Realm of the Impossible, the Anguish of Being Wrong Oil on Linen 33" x 60"

The Glass Diamond, The Synthetic Pearl oil on linen 60" x 60"

In the Final Shipwreck of All Oil on Linen 50" x 50"

It Was Only Make Believe. There Is A Traitor Among Us Oil on Linen 40" x 40"

Eventually His Dream Flickers, Back to the Society of the Just, The World of Men Oil on Linen 42" x 43"

Precession of Simulacra Oil on linen 42" x 72"

Derealization of the Real was an Attempt at Having Already Been; The Table in Front of Me Continues Oil on Linen 44" x 54"

If I Turn Away From It, It Vanishes Oil on Linen 23" x 34"

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