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Queen For A Moment Takes the Bridge From Her Head and Puts it Back Into Her Mouth; Phantasmagoria Vanishes in an Instant. Oil on Linen 38" x 72"

This Is Where We Belong. Oil on Linen 42" x 47"

In A State of Waiting, Like A Mystic; Court of Miracles. Oil on Linen 16" x 19"

Crushing Prefabricated Destiny Awaits. Oil on Linen 72" x 72"

Dreams of Words, Ghastly Tranquility oil on linen 25" x 25"

And the Human Remained Their Fundamental Possibility. Oil on Linen 60" x70"

Impossible Nullity Oil on Linen 20" x 25"

Watch as Yellow Dies Oil on Linen 31" x 31"

Constrained By Logical Necessity. Oil on Linen 54" x 54"

The Power To Seize and Dismiss the World Oil on linen 37" x 48"

Back in the Baleful World of the Just, Beat the Walls, Cry Out, Clench Fists. Oil on Linen 32" x 38"

Sniff the Scents of Shame Oil on Linen 48" x 58"

The Mirror is the Eyes of Others. The Glass is Shattered. Oil on Linen 15" x 15"

They Missed an Important Opportunity to Confirm Their Horror. Oil on Linen 18" x 50"

Ugliness is Beauty at Rest. They Were All Dead. Oil on Linen 23" x 48"

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